June 03, 2006

Broken Cherry


Blogger Evan R. said...

This is quesite the interesting shot! It makes me want to see more of the cherry because I can't quite make out if its a bitten cherry or not. As for how to make the shot better; maybe keep the cherry in focus and get more verticle with it so that a houshold backdrop is out of focus. Just some suggestions =)

June 03, 2006  
Blogger Sarah Julianne said...

I saw this at the park by my house and felt compelled to shoot it. I think it was just thrown down but do you mean shooting down the stem and focusing on the top of the cherry only, while leaving the background and stem out of focus?

June 03, 2006  
Blogger Poster said...

Beautiful pic!

June 04, 2006  
Anonymous shirley buxton said...

Enjoyed your site and seeing the suggestions. Have a couple of neat shots on my blog right now. Love for you to take a look and make suggestions. I'm only an amateur and wouldn't know how to suggest improvements on yours. They are beautiful...especially this cherry.



June 04, 2006  

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