June 02, 2006



Blogger Evan R. said...

I like it indeed. I think it would help to focus a little more on the screw though. Try taking a true macro photo (push the button with the little flower icon on your camera and get REALLY close!) It might look cool, or it might not, who knows? When taking macro photo's make sure you have enough light!


June 02, 2006  
Blogger Johnny Jazz said...

Is 'exactly what it says on the tin', nice shot.

June 02, 2006  
Blogger Sarah Julianne said...

Thanx for the advice. I actually did have it on the digital m setting but it was not zoomed in exactly on the nail, only in the general area. I totally see and agree with what your saying and I'm really trying to work on my shots. I liked the overall effect so I decided to put it on anyway but I agree since that is the focal point it should be in total focus. To each their own but I feel that would be the best scenery (at least in this shot). Light and macro is a definite ongoing battle. It seems it's impossible to keep the lighting I want but still be super zoomed, vice versa. I keep having to sacrifice one to get the most from the other. I've been trying to keep the histogram on when reviewing to check the exposure levels and manipulate the metering as well. That's been really helping a lot and I'm continuing to try and improve with each shot. Stayed tuned and thanx for the support!

June 02, 2006  

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