September 22, 2006

B-&-W RR


Anonymous Gabz said...

Just here to comment with the whole blog. Excellent pics--vivid, full of emotion and plays in my mind. What a great artistic photography!

September 22, 2006  
Blogger MsDemmie said...

I do love your eye - this one shows just what a good eye you have.

September 23, 2006  
Blogger The Wager Witch said...

I really like this one!

This is almost like a book cover - or a movie poster.

You can almost feel emotion from it!

Hope you're doing great!

You truly should consider either selling these as prints, offering sales of them to Stock Photo places - or even consider working on them in a graphics program and add captions... Like:

Tomorrow is Forever Away...

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder...

Etc. Etc.

Good Luck - I'll be back by again - you know. LOL!

Wager Witch
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September 28, 2006  

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