May 16, 2007



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just found this blog, i very much liked it..

keep up the good work!

just one suggestion, take bigger photos.. say, at least 1280x1024? so one could watch them fullscreen on a 17" monitor (like me)

take care... and i loved your art (feels great while listening to coltrane)

June 09, 2007  
Blogger k. marie said...

ahhh, i LOVE this photo! do you have this in any bigger resolution? i'd love to be able to use it as a background, but my resolution is larger; 1280x800.

i found a link to your site as I was looking up desktop backgrounds- def a bookmark. i don't know anything about photography, but they're just so striking!

November 09, 2007  
Blogger Fabio said...

Great photo indeed, nice work!

If it was widescreen would be perfect - for me, at least ;-)

November 09, 2007  

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